Tony Towle

Lines for the New Year
     (Poems 1963 - 65)

Adventures in Poetry
46 pages, mimeograph.
Cover by Allan D’Arcangelo.

Excerpt of interview of Frank O'Hara by Edward Lucie-Smith at the former's loft on Broadway in October, 1965. (Full interview included in O'Hara's Standing Still and Walking in New York, Grey Fox, Bolinas, California, 1974.)


Edward Lucie-Smith: Well, what do you see coming up in American poetry first of all?

Frank O’Hara: In American poetry?

L-S: Yeah.

O’H: Well, there are a number of interesting things. For instance there’s a poet named Tony Towle who has this marvelous diction which is out of Wallace Stevens, I think, but just as I said you know that say John Ashbery and Kenneth Koch and I, I think, were quite influenced by abstract expressionism’s powers and personality, Tony Towle seems to be quite influenced by the ideas around Andy Warhol; with this beauty of diction coming from Wallace Stevens, which is really quite an alarming and interesting style to get to know.




Towle’s poems are beautiful . . . not because they form decorous displays, but because they are alive with intelligence, urbanity, and multiple voices and views, alive the way the real world is alive anytime we are brave or naive enough to open up and let it be as astonishing as it is. . . . The reader owes a debt of gratitude to the young author: he does not allow us to distinguish between the real and the imagined.


— Ron Padgett, from "A Note on the Early Poems of Tony Towle"

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Copyright © 2004 by Tony Towle. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2004 by Tony Towle. All rights reserved.